Umegae Chuo Law Firm, P.C. is a mid-size, full-service law firm located in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Umegae Chuo has a staff of about thirty attorneys, including several trained and admitted to practice in the United States. In addition to its own attorneys, Umegae Chuo works in close partnership with other professional firms specializing in accounting, auditing and patent law. These partnerships, which include alliances with a “big four” accounting firm and one of Japan’s most prestigious tax accountancy firms, greatly expand and enhance the range of services that Umegae Chuo provides to its clients.

In addition to its general practice, Umegae Chuo has, in the course of the past thirty years, gained special expertise in the areas of: commercial transactions, (including M&A, real estate and cross-border), bankruptcy, corporate finance, corporate regulatory compliance, commercial litigation.

In addition to its corporate and commercial clientele, Umegae Chuo represents individuals in a wide range of civil matters. Umegae Chuo also takes on several pro-bono clients each year as part of its longstanding commitment to provide legal representation to the underserved in the community.

Umegae Chuo was founded in 1973 by Tsuneo Yamada, former president of the Osaka Bar Association and former vice president of Japan Federation of Bar Associations.